We often come up against the same preconceptions of personal training. Below are some frequently asked questions we hope will explode some of the myths around Personal Training

Contrary to popular belief, personal training can be used to suit all budgets. You are paying for professional advice and the frequency of that advice is up to you. Some clients will see the same trainer on an ad-hoc basis to learn some new exercises they can take into the gym or to have a few sessions grouped together for a specific event such as a competition, wedding or summer holiday.

No! Our trainers are all qualified to deliver plans and exercises targeted at you as an individual. You will have an initial consultation during which the trainer will assess your current fitness level and your goals. He/she will devise a programme that will be challenging, yes, but not out of your capability. They will also know when you are ready for that next step to ensure your programme is always progressive.

Absolutely! This is a common reason to visit a personal trainer, whether you are looking to beat your best time or just finish your first race. Our trainers will devise staged training programmes from your first step right through to race day and beyond!

Yes. We can offer advice to compliment your new training regime and ensure you are eating the correct things to maintain a healthy body and mind. We can give you the tools to ensure your eating habits are sustainable in your lifestyle.

Several clients have injuries they are recovering from or conditions they are living with. These can range from a knee injuries, eating disorders, depression, arthritis etc. We have several trainers who are qualified in GP referrals and have an in depth knowledge of a variety of medical conditions and any contraindications. We also work closely with the physiotherapists at Berkeley Health, advising clients on how to train and with and recover from injury. We work very closely with a clients’ referral therapist to ensure the rehabilitation process is smooth and transparent to practitioner, trainer and client.

Have a read through each trainers’ profile to give you an overview of their experience and their fields of expertise. If you would like to have a general chat before speaking to a trainer – please email admin@berkeleyfitness.co.uk for some impartial advice or perhaps arrange a visit to see the premises and take it from there.

A personal trainer is fully qualified to get the best out of your hour with them. They will motivate and train you to get the best results, whilst ensuring the techniques used are safe as well as effective.

The trainers at Berkeley Personal Training offer you their undivided attention and will ensure your personal workouts are varied and progressive to continually challenge your body. Your programme with our trainers is always changing and will get you interested and focused.

We ensure all of our trainers carry a minimum of Level 3 Advanced Instructors qualification, First Aid qualified and are all fully insured. A large proportion of our trainers are also REPS (?) registered.

You can! We would recommend that you find a trainer that holds an ante and post natal qualification. This ensures they know exactly how your body is changing physiologically and can instruct you safely, varying the workouts for each stage of your pregnancy. Training during pregnancy not only helps maintain a healthy weight and mind but can also prepare your body for labour as several of the abdominal exercises will assist during childbirth. Please contact Berkeley Personal Training and we can put you in direct contact with these specialist trainers.

Trainers have individual pricing plans that can range between £30 – £60 per hour +. Many trainers offer discounts for block bookings.
Personal Training is the best way to get the results you want, whether it’s a level of fitness you aspire to or a change in your body shape. Some people compare the cost of training to a gym but you have to ask yourself whether you are getting the results you require at the gym and what those results would be worth to you. Other clients see the cost of a block of sessions as an investment, perhaps an alternative to a weekend away or some other luxury purchase. We find that a high proportion of those who start personal training stick with it. Why not commit yourself to a block of 5 or 10 sessions and draw your own conclusion on the value in personal training?

“Whether your ambition is beach or bike challenge, a trip down the Amazon or a walk up the aisle, I’ll work with you to deliver results so you can look your best, feel your best or deliver your best performance. And you’ll feel great too. Every workout is both challenging and fulfilling.”