Lizzie is the creator and founder of the Goddess Body Formula, a 12 week Transformation Programme for Women.

I believe in body confidence with a difference, I believe every woman is worth giving herself the gift of a body she is totally in love with; the body she deserves. Women’s bodies are incredible, but they are changeable, taking control of your physical self can have a profound effect on the quality of your life. The Goddess Body Formula is designed to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to create incredible results that will make you feel amazing, the big difference? It develops an internal change. Every woman has an incredible energy that is powerful, the programme gives you the confidence and trust in yourself to live your life fully.


I work with women one to one, I am kind and personable, I will encourage you and inspire you. The sessions will be varied and fun, you will fall in love with exercise, enjoy eating properly and the transformation starts with physical but for my clients it doesn’t end there, a whole world opens up when you get your confidence back.


I spent 6 years in corporate, I had a moment when I looked at my life and thought ‘is this it?’, I knew I was destined to help people and my own physical transformation (3 stone and 15% body fat lost and gone forever) gave me the confidence to start over, I qualified as a Personal Trainer 6 months before my 30th birthday. I built a business in a few short months through referrals and soon I had created an incredible community of like minded women.


The Goddess Body Formula is mission driven, too many women live in the prison of not having the confidence to live in their body comfortably, I help you to set yourself free, join the movement.




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“I deliver physical transformations for busy professionals who are sharp in the office but slack in the gym.”


Certificate in Advanced Fitness
Instructing level 3

BTEC in Sports Development
and Fitness

NVQ in instructing
Physical Activity
and Exercise
Level 3

Certificate in Fitness 
Instructing Level 2

Certificate in Swimming
Pool Supervision and
Rescue level 2

First Aid