My personal training specialises in achieving weight loss, muscle toning and fitness for my clients by providing a comprehensive personal training service, including tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice that will get you the results you want and deserve with me as your personal trainer. As a personal trainer with 7 years of experience I work with people from all walks of life and with a wide range of goals. If you are dissatisfied with your weight, shape or fitness levels or confused about how to exercise and eat and frustrated with a lack of progress, then I can help.

What are you looking to really achieve this year? For many, getting ‘fit’ is something many of us yearn for, but find plenty of excuses to avoid! With Stuart as your Personal Trainer, you will get guaranteed results with no fad diets, and no compromise to your overall well-being.

No matter what level of fitness you are starting at, with personal guidance, a well structured nutrition plan and a fitness training programme that is tailored specifically to your strengths or weaknesses you can now fully challenge your abilities to achieve your personal fitness and health goals whatever they may be.
Personal training is not just for the rich and famous, it works out great value for money when compared to a gym membership that you hardly use. My personal training service guarantees you an individually tailored exercise workout to help you establish a fitness routine that is varied, motivating and rewarding without the wasted gym membership!

We all have the ability to make changes to our life that will make us happier. Sometimes we just need a helping hand and that’s what Motiv8 personal training is here for.





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“I’d thoroughly recommend Stuart to anyone, I dreaded going to my initial consultation and he made me feel comfortable at once. He’s fun to work with and I always leave with a sense of achievement knowing I’m getting fitter and thinner by the week.”


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